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Are you ready for Congreso de Bodas LAT 2019?


Events | 02/11/2019

The Congreso de Bodas LAT is one of the most eagerly anticipated events for those who have the joy of working in the Romance Industry. We can participate in many courses or workshops, but there is nothing like Congreso de Bodas LAT. For more than 8 years, this event has been able to unify and educate Latin Americans by combining their traditions, colorful and cultural roots and, help to increase their ability to serve, which is a strong part of the Latin character.
Being ready to participate is more than just registering. It means physically and mentally preparing to give and receive, to be open to change, to be innovative and to say goodbye to old habits that diminished you.
For this year’s Congreso, I would like to give you the chance to present your experiences during our session on "How Much to Charge?" (only for Congreso attendees), which has been a frequently requested topic. For this presentation, we will have a round-table of speakers including 5 of our Alpha Leaders:

Guadalupe Alvarez - San Miguel Allende, México
Marilú Mercedes – Lima, Perú 
Mirta Sanchez – Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
Wilma Erosa – Cancún, México
Kike Narváez - San Cristóbal de las Casas, México

The goal of this session is to analyze your real-life cases, which you can share with us by submitting your stories through the Congreso’s official chat. As you start to prepare your stories, we think it is important for you to ask yourself these questions: Can you remember an event where you worked harder than the payment reflected? Do you remember an event where you lost a client because another planner offered a lower rate? Have you ever invested money of your own towards a wedding’s expenses? Which event do you feel you could have charged more for? During this round-table event, our panel of experts will review your stories and help to provide the tools necessary to eliminate your insecurities about how much to charge!

We also want to encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Alpha Leaders speaking during this session. This way, you can decide which Alpha you would like to direct your case to during this live chat. Remember, each case should be sent in advance through the Congreso’s official chat along with the Alpha Leader that you would like to interact with. Our Congreso chat can be found in the Event App, which will be available a couple of months before the event.

Next week we will be talking about more of our conference sessions, so stay tuned!

Elizabeth Petersen
Education and Value



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