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Wedding Photography | 05/08/2018

Words by: Andrei Mihalache, Master Photographer, Dream Art PhotographyNow, getting back on track, if you are a little bit interested in having your wedding immortalized and recorded for posterity, make sure you give the people who will be in charge of that very important task to a decent amount of your budget - and also treat them well! 

They actually have about twice as long to work, even more in the case of Wedding Cinematography, before they can deliver the finished product. Even then, some photographers, myself included, DreamArt included, are willing to work with you to further refine the editing - in cased we missed anything that you did not want in your photos, or to help you make the selection for your wedding album, or, in our case, we have those wedding albums hand crafted in Italy for you.
Also, a photographer's work, or a videographer's, is not over as soon as the wedding ends.
That is not cheap, since it is able to capture all those magical moments, being able to pay attention to so many things happening at the same time, and having the equipment that allows you to do that, is time consuming and expensive to achieve.
Your future kids, grandchildren, cousins, nephews, friends you have not made yet (and even some that were present at the wedding but had one too many drinks) - all of them will only know your wedding through the eye of the photographer you hired . You obviously want the best, you want someone who can convey your happiness, your love for one another, your eagerness to be together forever, make beautiful photos out of all that and create some of the most important and enduring memories of your life.
Along with your spouse, and maybe your ring, it's your Photos and your Video that will last longest and give most value over time.
What do you have left from your wedding? I hope your spouse is still there, but check to be sure. What else? Your engagement ring and wedding band. And then? That's about it.
After the wedding is over, when everything is said and done, when your guests have gone home, you have returned from your honeymoon (you should not skimp on that either, by the way), the dress is stashed away - probably forever, and life goes back to normal ...
There are various styles and trends, but that's why I'm writing this article, since style changes and trends come and go.
Well, photography, like most other things, can be done in many ways, from fantastic to poor, and many shades in between (and some above or bellow). And you generally get what you pay for, just like other areas of life.
Looks like you've got it covered, right?
You look for the cheapest option, someone who is willing to give you 6 hours of photography, 6 hours of video, all the original photos of your wedding day and an album to put them in (while they also include the vendor fee in there, so they will most likely earn around 800 USD).
Let's assume that after a few more things that you decide whether you want or need, you end up with a remainder of 1200 USD, and you still have not contracted the Photographer ... What do you do?
Let's say you decide to fly your MC and DJ and spend another 3000 USD plus accommodation for them, and that way you know what is going to happen on your wedding day, to music and the order of events - even though the hotel has DJs and can provide an MC.
Let's say you spend 5000 USD on your dress, because it's gorgeous and you look absolutely stunning in it, and, heck, you will only do this once, why not?
While opinions differ, here's my opinion on why you should include photography and video right at the top of your budget and the value that they have.
Where on that list should you fit your Wedding Photography and Video Allocation? How much should you spend on something so intrinsically intangible, as Video and Photography, especially in today's age of Digital, when anyone with a smartphone becomes, by extension, a photographer?
What do you do? There are so many things to consider, so many vendors to pick, choose and negotiate with, so many decisions to make about venue, time of year, which can influence price, how many people to bring over, what dress to purchase, will you find shoes that match etc. The list can go on for a while, but we'll stop here for brevity's sake.
So, let's say you have a set amount of money and you absolutely want to keep all expenses within that budget.
There are a lot of things to do when planning your big day in an exotic destination, and an important part, if not the most important, is budgeting.
So, you're planning your wedding destination and you think that's how it's going to be? Well, let's say it's a little bit more intense.
The beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean, margaritas and mojitos, sun and relaxation


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