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Planners VS Travel Agents ... How to play nice!!!


Travel Agents | 11/06/2019

Coming from the background of a child of a travel agent, I did not wish to follow in my Moms footsteps. However, being thrust into that world was what was meant to happen. I had a degree in Public relations and marketing and thought planning local events was my calling.

The universe had other plans!! I was commissioned to plan a huge event for Rupert Murdoch in Beverly Hills for over 300 people. Involved in that process was taking care of hotels and flights and managing this multi day events. I quickly learned that the skill set.I needed was based upon my travel experience with my MOM. Working as an agent and planner was daunting. You quickly learned that you had to delegate the travel part to someone on my team, while I handled and executed the weddings. Onsite planners are great team partners, but a planner who is off site offers a completely different dimension. We handle the budgets, timelines and vendors - while managing the travel (with the assistance of a qualified agent) .

Travel Agents and wedding planners can live in perfect harmony, if they learn and respect each others roles. Since I had the benefit of understanding both those roles, I knew how to play nice and respect their professionalism and their expertise.

Its always a great idea to work as a team partner with a wedding planner, since you both bring different strengths to the table -

JoAnn Gregoli
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