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Discovering  Lovely Places


Wedding Venues | 07/22/2020

By Elizabeth Petersen

In the heart of the land of The Tequila and Mariachi, about two hours away from the Intenational Airport of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México you will find a Jewl to discover.
The Architecture of Hacienda el Carmen Hotel & SPA builds an enviroment that brings you to the memories of the past, of what ones was, Showing proudly the compromise to preserve the History of México. Hacienda el Carmen Hotel & SPA, a business that has reached the highest stardards with in it´s service quality, and a strong and clean sence of sustentability.

-Offering Good paid work and constant capacitation.

- Carring for the enviroment: responsable garbage disposal, generation of fotovaltalic energie, racionalized use of wáter, care for the forest around us, participating in the communities with good ecological practices. 

- Self production of fruits and Vegetables, with bio-racional ( organic ) teaching the inhabitans of the villages around us to créate and care for family farms.

- Preserving traditions and culutre asuring a legacy to coming generations.

Located in Ahualuco de Mercado, It is first known to have been a donation from the Spanish Crown to Don Fransisco Merodio Velasco in the XVI Century. There was a time when the land of the Hacienda el Carmen was from the skirts of the Tequila volcano till where it know lays, around 60,000 Hectares.
These lands passed on from Generation to Generation on the Velazques Family, till Fransisca Figueroa widow from Aguila, without decendents, donated thn the land to the order of the Catolic Carmelitas, by then the name given to the land was “ Santa María de Miraflores, but a couple of years later the Prists changed the name to Hacienda El Carmen.

One of the biggest acomplishments that the order was to fullfill with the products of these lands back then was the construction of the convent and the beautiful church of the Carmen in todays downtown Guadalajara Mexico.
Many years later, while the agrary reforms in Mexico under the power of Benito Juarez, these 60 000 hectars, with a generous weather, pleanty of wáter, and perfect ubication, were expropriated and given to a General under the name of Florentino Cuervo back in 1860. With a subdivition, leaving Hacienda el Carmen with a smaller portion.
At the end of the year 1959, The Hacienda was bought by Pablo Serrano Estrada, whom he sold it to his son in law Dr. Joaquin Baeza del Monte and his beloved wife Martha Serrano from Baeza, actual owners.

The main part of the Hacienda, constructed in Colonial Style, popular in this part of the Country, started to build by 1722 and finished 5 years later, the second floor in Neoclassic style was not build until the end of the XIX Century.

Now days the Hacienda el Carmen harvests sugar cane, corn, wheat, sveral citrics, and it´s farm for the internal use of the hotel and it´s people. Several centuries ago sugar cane, agave ( to make tequila ) , corn, fruits and hey were cultivated.

The actual furniture is the result that gathers several epoques, styles and origins. The Wood work is fine and rustic.
Several walls are painted by unknown artists from the Colonial Times.
Most of the ornaments that are found in Hacienda el Carmen were bought in Mexico. Some candeliers dated from the end of the XIX century. You can also find prehispainic pieces from the área, and some curtines or bed covers were handmade.


The suites offer in this Category, are ideal to live a magic stay for a couple, Keeping it´s essence from old days, giving the exclusive services that will bring you to unforgetable levels of relaxing and confort.
Blue Suite, Has it´s own extraordinary inside jacuzzi, Sauna, fire place, air conditioning, TV, safe and room service.
Taberna Suite, complete exclusivity and confort, private pool, with warm wáter heated with solar panels, a roof terrace, where you can enjoy the hole view from the hacienda and it´s georgeous gardens. The jacuzzi lays in what ones was a tequila oven, fire place, TV, and the best view to the enchannted home lake from Hacienda el Carmen.

This Category offeres big Suites ideal for a pleasent stay. With a King size bed, air conditioning, several amenities, safe, room service and fire place. Suite Don Gabriel welcomes you with an awesome jacuzzi. Suite Don Profirio with a Sauna and a hydromassage bathtub, and La Patrona Suite Will surprise you with a view to the enchannted Hacienda el Carmen lake, hydromassage bathtub, TV with Netflix plus Wifi.

The Confort and warm of the Master Suites is also to enjoy. Their furniature is heritage and uniqueness, we take careo f each detail, to have the best pleasent stay. We can welcome younger guest in the Suites; Don Celso, Doña Mercedes, Don Camilo; Doña Emilia y Don Genaro.
We can also welcome more than two persons per room in this category ( no more than 2 more) in suites with two queen beds.

The Town of Tequila located 45 minutes away. the place that gives the name to this world known drink from agave “ the tequila”.
The original and unique round pyramides of “ Guachimontones” constructed to honor God the wind, are no more than 20 minutes away from Hacienda el Carmen.
Take a boat ride, practice golf, enjoy the SPA, or our small but confortable gym, lets us prepare enjoy with your friends a Tequila teasting experience at our bar, take a bike ride or a horse bike ride and more are
Unforgettable experiences that await you.

Hacienda el Carmen offers differents spaces to celebrate business, social or wellness events.
From it´s gardens if you are looking for open spaces. To its close ballrooms. For example San Joaquin ball rom, old barn from the XVIII Century, invites you to celebrate any kind of evento, with capacity up to 220 seated guest.
In the Gardens we can welcome up to 600 guest, the welness activities around our peacefull enchannted lake or in our SPA are a joy.
Knowing that bringing an event to Hacienda el Carmen benefits several communities of the area, give you a double reason to select it.

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