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My Favorite Love Experience during COVID Times


Events | 07/24/2020

By Ilse Diamant

In these uncertain times, where we really don't know what might happen, when every day we wake up with different kinds of news, and different protocols; the only thing we know for sure is that we are living our lives in the middle of a pandemic. This is why finding a couple who is determined to celebrate their love no matter what else happens is a real blessing.

This is just the story of Daniel & Lizzette´s Wedding at Secret Jewel Celebrations, a private beach in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

D&L got engaged less than two months ago. Their Intimate Wedding is part of the new experiences that we are generating through our new project, which is part of "POP UP WEDDINGS DESTINATIONS" created in Portugal by the famous Rui Mota Pinto.

The best thing behind these type of celebrations is that we have a wonderful team of professionals in the Mexican Caribbean who literally joined together with us at Diamant Events to the magic formula of a POP UP Style Wedding, creating more than just a wedding; an unforgettable experience of Love - Anywhere. - Anyhow. -Anytime.

All of us involved in the team and staff vibrated with emotions since this Wedding was the first one since the quarantine began in March 2020 and for all of us, the story behind this experience made us fall head over heels with this young couple immediately. I knew that this wedding was going to be a unique and different experience when the bride and groom told me that with so much uncertainty the only thing they were really sure of was their love and wanting to get married, which is why they wanted to make their Pop UP Wedding as soon as possible and continue facing this new reality as husband and wife. It felt totally romantic, epic and realistic.

This is how in a week we planned this mini wedding on the shores of the Caribbean Sea with the support of our incredible team of vendors where Mariana from CB Co. was in charge of the bride's makeup and hairstyle. Elena Rodriguez from Love Memories Weddings created the gazebo, the bouquet, the boutonniere and the decoration of the ceremony table. Liz from Nube pastry made an original creation of a hand-painted mini cake with the theme chosen by the couple in red velvet flavor, their favorite. And Luz Maria Avila together with her team managed to capture the best moments of this madness of love thanks to her great talent as a photographer. All this took place at my favorite place, which I consider the most magical, most perfect and with the best vibes in the Riviera Maya, a private beach with unparalleled cosmic energy: The Secret Jewel Celebrations Venue.

The challenge to overcome for everyone in the team and staff was without a doubt being able to comply with all the protocols that the place established for us to work on the beach with a mask and mouth covers. Despite being a team of 8 people in the area of vendors working in the assembly and organization, taking into account the healthy distance was also a great challenge. The area of opportunity that we discovered was that despite the situation we managed to make the couple feel comfortable, and without restrictions by being outdoors despite being surrounded by "astronauts" with our Covid free appearance and our strict protocols.

The wow factor of this Wedding was that since it is something intimate the emotions are lived stronger, and I made my debut as a wedding minister organizing the first cosmic ceremony with energy-charged sands and colored ribbons. All of us present laughed, cried and got goose bumps, because not only did we experience being the ones who created the space and the moment for this couple to fulfill their dream of love in the midst of the storm; but we were also witnesses and accomplices to the start of a new stage in their life as a couple. With this little big wedding we made our debut as “Pop UP Weddings Mexican Caribbean & Haciendas”.
Thank you for daring to celebrate the most magical and wonderful thing that exists on planet earth, to celebrate having coincided, to have met and to commit to be together forever in good times, bad times; in sickness and in health. Keep vibrating high and dare to do things in a different way, love can do everything and when there is love and a team of unstoppable professionals that knows how to do things carefully and ethically, everything is possible.

Remember this: “ The heart is never wrong”, thanks for reading me, I am Ilse Diamant.- Luxury Romance Ambassador, eternally grateful to be able to share what has blessed me the most in life, to celebrate love and be an accomplice in making these dreams happen.

You find me on my social media as @diamantevents and @popupweddingsmx  my website is www.luxuryromanceambassador.com email: ilse@popupweddingsdestinations.com



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