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Portuguese Project for Intimate Weddings Takes over the World


Destination Weddings | 08/06/2020

The pandemic has brought many challenges to the wedding industry in 2020, with massive postponements and cancellations. On the other hand, I've seen a great opportunity to expand our project Pop Up Weddings, designed for intimate ceremonies with personalized experiences, to other countries.

What is Pop Up Weddings?

The project's goal is to create fun, simple, and romantic ceremonies that can be celebrated anywhere, anyhow, and anytime. It focuses on elopement and micro weddings, with 15 guests maximum. The original Pop Up Weddings is a 3-hour wedding, but it can be built and designed for a whole day.

It also allows couples to celebrate vows renewal, birthdays, and even wedding proposals. It is a way to commemorate love genuinely, take fantastic photos, and leave with incredible memories. With Pop Up, it is possible to perform a wedding during a parachute flight, a balloon ride, under the sea, or in a beautiful landscape – it is all personalized according to their tastes, wishes, and dreams.

Pop Up Weddings was created in 2015 by the photographer Nuno Palha. He invited me and the officiant João Jonas to participate. It was a way to escape from the formal and traditional routine present in the wedding industry. It is a daring and funnier way to celebrate at the same time that it keeps the romantic side. We wanted to offer a love experience, where the ceremony and the couple are in the spotlight. However, Nuno Palha decided to leave, and I bought the brand. Then, I started to idealize its international expansion.

Covid-19 pushed it into an international experience

Since day one, I've always seen Pop Up Weddings as a project meant to be global. I imagine that a couple can propose in Lisbon, get married in the Azores, go on an Italian honeymoon with a photoshoot, celebrate the anniversary in Mexico, and do the vows' renewal in Panama. It is a project that offers different experiences to celebrate love around the world.

The first attempt was to take it to the UK, but negotiations didn't go as expected, so I decided to wait for a better opportunity. With the ban on huge celebrations worldwide, it has put this project forward through international partnerships with other wedding planners. And it even gained a new name: Pop Up Wedding Destinations.

I genuinely believe in the power of cooperation between wedding professionals to boost our businesses and improve the industry, especially during hard times and crises. That's why I went for this opportunity. This innovative solution is giving hope for couples and wedding vendors.

How does it work?

There is a team in charge of each destination, and it is similar to a franchising business model. A single professional or a group of wedding planners create their own vendors' networks and manage this destination. The major brand gives all support in terms of promotion and management.

Being a member of IADWP has facilitated this interaction and partnership with international wedding planners like Ilse Diamant and Guadalupe Alvarez, both from Mexico, and Fenny Torres, from Guatemala – who are all members as well.

Through this year, several partnerships were settled around the globe:
• Portugal, with Ana César Almeida;
• Azores, with Mara Connie Vieira;
• Mexico - Mexican Caribbean & Haciendas with Ilse Diamant, and San Miguel de Allende with Guadalupe Alvarez;
• Panama, with The planners firm;
• Italy, with Italian Wedding Company;
• Guatemala, with Fenny Torres;
• El Salvador, with Belen Esquivel;
• Belgium, with Brigitte Kater.

About Rui Mota Pinto

Rui Mota Pinto is a member of IADWP and an internationally certified wedding planner, with specialized training and certification in NY. His events are marked by creativity, style, and elegance, which make their work known for transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. Each wedding is thought of uniquely, creating its own concept and taking into account each couple's history.
During the past few years, he launched several innovative wedding projects and services in Portugal, such as PopUp Weddings, Tejo Weddings. Trendy Wedding Planners by Rui Mota Pinto, Wedding Advise and Legal Wedding Advise and, more recently, a pioneering project to train Wedding Planners and wedding professionals in Portugal, the Wedding Lab by Rui Mota Pinto.




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