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Marketing | 09/17/2020

By Ilse Diamant

We know that the world of weddings is very competitive, but have you ever wondered how to exponentiate your business internationally?

The best way to start is by certifying yourself as an international expert. No matter how long you've been in business, or if you're just starting out, training continues is still the # 1 tool in our industry.

How does the continuous training of its members benefit a company? Can you really make it more competitive? The answer is: - Of course it is.
The training of all the members of your company or undertaking has many benefits for all those involved, which are summarized in greater competitiveness; which is nothing more than the ability to continue growing and generating profits, even in highly complex markets and with many competitors seeking the same objectives. In addition, you become visible to others similar to you around the world, and you join a group of people who bring the same chip and who can do business together.

That is why I want to share with you how I see the issue of continuous and pro training that has been the backbone of my business success in this industry:
That is why I want to share with you how I see the issue of continuous training and why it has been the backbone of my business success in this industry:

1. Staying Up-to-date on all topics will help you progressively acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities, in this way you will be able to adapt to changes and respond to external challenges. When people are trained, they improve the quality of the work they do, and if the company expands they can help to grow the business, optimizing their employability conditions.

2. The constant training update allows obtaining the necessary tools to manage a changing productive and labor evolution in our industry, driven by the growth of digital technology which today has become a priority.

3. Continuous training allows the construction and development of highly motivated and loyal teams to the company, and professionals ready and prepared to replace those who eventually dissociate themselves from our company or undertaking. Above all, this will mark our competitive advantage.

4. It is important that the orientation of each employee in their first days on the job is done effectively. Each new member of your team must learn what the objectives and goals of the business are, and understand how they can participate in the search for success from their personal contribution.

5. The development of an internal culture incorporating skills, competencies and knowledge in a permanent way, is vital for constant innovation that ensures companies in this industry do not disappear.

6. Online learning implies having access to educational proposals that allow us to improve our performance, anywhere in the world and at any time. It equalizes opportunities for people who cannot move due to physical disabilities, restrictions in their daily lives, lack of budget or geographical limitations. (We have been able to verify it during this year 2020)

"New technologies allow us to use eLearning in a way that is more participatory and more effective. Those who do not take advantage of virtual learning are being left out of the world." - Robert Ubell NYU.

8 TIPS you need to know about E-LEARNING: the only thing you need today.

1. E-learning is a faster way to learn and acquire skills, and more accessible from an economic point of view. Ernst and Young assures that the modality has helped reduce training costs in companies by 35%.
2. It is expected that the use of MOCCs (Massive Open Online Courses) increased 90% this year. All Fortune 500 companies use e-learning, to a greater or lesser extent, to train employees and customers
3. It is known that 35% of employees who quit a job do so due to lack of adequate training and training. Online training ensures the possibility for all employees of an organization to access quality training.
4. Companies that use e-learning tools generate 40% more earnings per employee.
5. Currently more than 3 million students in the United States take classes exclusively online. This number is greater than the total of university students in all of France.
6. The global growth of e-learning is impressive: 80% of North American companies offer online courses in their professional development programs, more than 5,000 European companies do the same, and of the 140 online training companies in India, 100 were founded in the last 3 years.
7. It is estimated that by 2021 100% of university classes in the world will be online.
8. Finally we can say that the global mobile e-learning market will exceed in 2017 exceeded 12 billion dollars. (no pandemic)

The new generations show they are eager to work in places where the incentive is not only the salary. They look for work environments that offer the possibility of learning new tasks, assuming professional challenges and adapting to the constant change posed by the productive system and the labor ecosystem.
By investing in the training of your employees, you show your commitment to them. Also, if you take a training you should encourage your providers to take it so that when you present your credentials with clients you can presume that EVERYONE is certified and meets the same standards.

And speaking of E-learning it would not be complete if I did not share that in the IADWP there is the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OF DESTINATION WEDDING PLANNER. More inormation: natalia@kgroup.com.mx

Only online training that gathers to 7 international speakers whose business success has been worldwide alliances and who will teach you to catapult your destination wedding business.
By taking the Online training you will automatically be able to connect with certified professionals like you at world level and start doing business with them.

Thanks for reading, actually the competitive advantages that you can obtain knowing how to exponentiate your business networks through continuous training is a tool that you cannot miss if you want your company or understanding in the wedding industry to evolve with changes in the same.


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